Physical and Chemical

Properties& Changes

Introduction to physical and chemical


The characteristic of a substance


A difference in a substance


A change is when something makes a new substance or, changes shape.

This Video has perfect examples of Physical/ Chemical changes. A physical change is when something changes shape but is the same substance. A chemical change is when the substance changes COMPLETELY or, even makes a new substance.


A property, like I said before, is a characteristic. It describes the substance. For example; if you had a blue whale, (not that you have one... I hope so...) it would be blue. That is an example of a physical property. Chemical is way different. For example FE, or iron, is metal. It will rust. That is a chemical property. Paper will burn. Chemical.

Some Examples

Chemical Reactions

Chemical reactions

Chemical reactions are a response to another substance, or temperature.

Bill Nye will explain below

Chemical Examples

Explosions, vinegar/baking soda or... Hair spay& fire.

More stuff!

I hope you enjoyed the videos! I thought they did a good job explaining chemical reactions and properties. Because I didn't post one above; here is a video about changes of Matter.
It says changes but spends 10 or 11 minutes reviewing matter and properties.

If you want to skip to the changes turn it to: 11 minutes and 47 seconds. The time is shown beside the pause button

If the link above didn't catch your attention or work, here it is below!