OH What a time on MARS!!!

What a vacation time you will have on mars for to get away.

Have Fun with the activitys!

Here at mars you can enjoy the Nice star gazing or the windy breezes travelling through the canyons!

What should you bring with you?

You gonna need the Jump suit that we hand out at the space ship launch! And don't worry we have bathrooms to change in and the guards escorting you out will make sure you have your suit on.
ASTRAL PROJECTION MUSIC: lucid dreaming binaural beats | Deep Sleep Ambient Space Music

If your pretty intrested in the planet how about try the savings!!

Here on mars its only 35$ A PERSON!!! Its amazing all the things you can do on mars with such a SAVINGS PRICE!!!
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Is it safe for my familiy to stay here? Or is it safe to swim in the lakes?

Due to are latest technology dont worry about that! if your scared of fish we can let you swim in the non-fish lake AND if you wanna scuba dive for fishes go to the assigned lake AND YES ITS SAFE we have are high security guards to take down any problems you have!!!


If your a person of wildelife check out are famous zoo filled with wildlife from this wonderful planet mars. Down below is one of the pictures of a rare mars related camel back Ear Box!
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What about the moons?

Sorry but we could not find a way to make the moons safe for are adaption because the oxygen levels that we tried to modify for are environment was false BUT you can always enjoy are space shows at night that let you use telescopes to look at the moons!

Worried about air? HOW ABOUT NOT WORRY!!!

Here on this wonderful planet we have are Gravity and oxygen transmitts for the freshest air or the happiest time of enjoying anti gravity! You can visit this activity in are chambers!

Aw chucks.... Where is the water and that delicous food?

We have are exotic fruits and meats to try from and are fresh water straight and freshend from are lakes! And are perfectly cooked Gormay Food!

Space Ship launches to the planet

Tuesday, Oct. 20th, 5pm


Every Month on the 20th we have are spaceship launches to the planet! Don't worry about time it only takes 1 hour in are speed ships to get to the planet! And don't worry about your earth friends WE HAVE WIFI!!