Notes from the Nook

Happenings and Homework -- Mrs. Noble's class -- 9/15/16

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Trying new activities

This week we tried a few new activities. The debate on Machiavellian resolutions grew spirited and was the likely highlight for some.

And a few other new things . . .

Please ask your student about the new nature happenings around school. (Hint, one is in the lobby and one was in the courtyard.)

Also, new was a week without Mrs. Guthmann. Her detailed plans were well carried out by Mrs. Alexander. We're grateful for them!

Homework & Friday Lessons


Complete the worksheets for Lessons 17 & 18.


Read to page 128 of I, Juan de Pareja and be ready to discuss in class.


Study the map for learning the countries of South America. Try for a game to help with this. Blank map sent home too. We'll do more practice to prepare for the test which will likely be on Wednesday (B) and Thursday (A).

Assignments from Mrs. Guthmann's classes

** Woodwinds students only: Complete 3E in Wordly Wise lesson.

** Complete your "favorite room" story for writing if you did not already; most students did finished this in class. Class A due Monday, Class B on Tuesday.