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Welcome to Bloomdahl Middle School!

Bloomdahl Middle School is your school! Our goal is to help you succeed in all areas of your life, including academics, personal growth, and career readiness. We have teachers, counselors, and administration whose only goal is to help you become the person you want to be!


Learning Extension Program

If you are struggling to understand concepts in a particular class or subject, BMS teachers and counselors offer an after-school program to assist you in meeting your learning goals. You may choose to attend LEP on your own, or you may be referred by a parent or teacher if they see the need. Additionally, you will be referred if you have incomplete assignments in a class or subject. Our goal as parents, teachers, and counselors is to help you do the best you can! LEP meets after school on Tuesdays & Thursdays from 3:15-4:30.

Our Community, Our School

BMS offers wants every student to succeed. For students who have significant difficulty with core subjects, we offer specialist tutors from the Murray Calloway County community. These tutors may be college students or professors from MSU, church leaders, lawyers, a National Guard member, or even Bloomdahl High School students! If you're interested in mastering core subjects with the help of the community, talk to one of the school counselors to fill out an application.

Peer Support Interventions

Sometimes the best help for another student is you - another fellow student! The teachers and counselors at BMS love to help students in any way possible, but we want you to be able to count on each other for the help you need sometimes! This can be achieved through Peer Support Interventions, where students who have mastered a skill or concept helps another student master that same skill or concept. This is especially helpful for students with moderate to severe disabilities to receive assistance from a fellow peer. See a school counselor for more details!

College & Career Readiness

Thinking ahead...

Attention all Bloomdahl Middle School students!!!!

I know you are 'just' in middle school, but now is the time to start thinking of your future. This fun infographic below is a great way to start exploring about your future choices!

  • The first step is to discover yourself and think about what interests, abilities, values, and goals that you have.
  • The next step is to imagine your future. Some things to consider are your personal fulfillment, your family, and the quality of life you envision yourself having.
  • The third step is to explore your options; what career will help you reach your dreams. Will it be creative, technology, environmental, government, or healthcare?
  • Then connect your career to how much college you would need. Will it be a Technical Certificate, Associates Degree, Bachelors Degree, Masters Degree, or Professional Degree?
  • Step 5 allows you to prepare for high school. To challenge yourself academically, to be a leader at your school, to improve the community, and to have fun!
  • The last step is to enter high school ready to achieve success! You will already have a plan, so stick to it, and do your best!

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Below is a career resource website that would be very helpful in determining your interests.

Career Aisle

Website with videos about careers, wage information and college prep steps.

Building Character

Tips to Stress Less

Hey BMS students! As the spring semester rolls around it might become a challenge to balance all of your activities. With spring sports, extracurricular activities, hanging out with friends, regular schoolwork, family obligations, and CATS testing it can begin to feel overwhelming and stressful for some students. Don’t worry, stress is totally normal! Learning positive ways to respond to stress now will definitely help you until the end of the school year and beyond. According to Jaffe (2013) procrastinating on important school assignments can ultimately lead to higher stress levels and lower well-being. Keeping your priorities in check will help you have more spare time to do things you enjoy. Beginning to understand you limitations and knowing when to take a break so you don’t get burned out are really important skills. Hopefully, with time and practice you will begin to recognize the signs that let you know that you need to take some time to recharge. Taking 10 minute study breaks, talking to a trusted adult, writing in a journal, taking a walk to decompress after dinner, and relaxing with friends are great ways to help you feel less stress. Setting down your iPhone and unplugging from your laptop are ways to help you feel and sleep better. According to the CDC, teens need 9-10 hours of sleep a night to function well the next day. Here are a few more activities to help you cope with all the stress you might be experiencing.
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Cyberbullying: What's Crossing the Line?

Click here to watch a short video that answers many questions about cyberbullying. It's time to become good digital citizens!

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BMS Student of the Month

Congrats to Sophie Goodman, the BMS student of the month! Sophie is a student in Mrs. Perry's seventh grade class. Sophie works well with others and shows great consideration to other students. She excels in Mrs. Black's science class, and won the recent BMS science fair. Sophie always asks thoughtful questions during classroom discussions and uses her time wisely to complete assignments. Sophie plays clarinet in the band, is a member of the pep club, and a peer mentor. Keep up the great work, Sophie!

About the Program

Counseling Questions Answered

Sometimes middle school can be hard and life doesn't make much sense. As counselors, we're here to help. Below, you will find some commonly asked questions students have about our counseling program.

"I don't fit in anywhere. Can you help me make sense of my cultural identity?"

We all have a unique cultural identity that makes us special. We would love to talk to you about your multicultural heritage and help you develop your own sense of pride and belonging.

"I get picked on by others. Does anyone care about me?"

The world is a challenging place, especially when you feel like others want to bring you down. We are here to listen to you and help stop whatever bullying you are experiencing.

"I don't feel like life is worth living. Would anyone miss me if I were gone?"

Sometimes life can hurt so badly that you just want it to end. We're here to help you see that you are more important than you could ever imagine.

"How can I meet with you about an issue I have?"

If you are in the school building, come to the front office and ask the secretary to see one of us. Also, you can leave us an email in our school account.

Our Trusted Team of School Counselors:

Research to Support Our Program

Jaffe, E. (2013). Why Wait? The Science Behind Procrastination. Observer, 26(4). Retrieved March 11, 2015, from