Graphic Novel

christopher lobley

History of Graphic Novels

Novel became popular on January 20th. He first started writing on june 5th 2010. Another book he wrote is Posiden: earth shaker

Zeus king of the gods by George O'Conner

summary / citation

This book is about a titan who has 6 kids he eats 5 of the 6. The 6th one his wife hides him away in a cave. The son later over throws his father to become king of the gods.

citation = O'connor , George .Zeus king of the gods . New york : First Second . 2010 . Print

George o'connor

George started writing on June 5th 2010. His novel became popular on January 20th . The first graphic novel he wrote was a book about how new york almost wasn't New york .


i give this book a 4 out of 5 stars. the story line is very close to what really happened and the pictures are very creative