The Slip less Slip and Slide

Why Have Fun When You Can Have 2nd Degree Burns

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Are you tired of seamlessly gliding down a wet slip and slide? Well now you don't have to, introducing the Slip Less Slip and Slide! Your child will enjoy this remarkable product all afternoon in the hot summer sun. This revolutionary slide is the best in town with its patented design you will be getting those burns in no time. The setup is very easy all you have to do is spread out the mat on your lawn, make sure there are no wrinkles, and enjoy. People just like you in your backyards are enjoying it and couldn't you picture yourself and family having fun with this product. But you better hurry because so many people are getting them and so should you before they run out. There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee and in an independent study 90 of the 100 people said they would recommend it to friends and family. Plus its a bargain only costing $19.95! So be a true American patriot and run to the store to buy a Slip Less Slip and Slide. Come on down to the Backyard Fun Store and get yours today!

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