Teresa of Avila

By: Jackie Birkenstock

Teresa's Biography

  • Born in Avila on March 28, 1515
  • Spent most of her life in Avila
  • Trained to be a saint
  • Piety in childhood
  • Mother, Beatriz died
  • Ran away several times with her brother, Rodrigo. Brought back almost every time.
  • Was a flirt in her teenage age.
  • Sent away to be a lay boarder.
  • Ill most of her life.
  • Became a nun.
  • Believed deeply in God.
  • Believed she could see visions
  • Lead nuns for a protest for a more perfect life
  • Established covets
  • Became a prioress
  • Died in Alba, Spain on October 4, 1582.

During her life, she made her own works of art. She didn't have a patron.

Teresa's work

Teresa wrote novels. Some of her novels were Life, The Way of Perfection, and a commentary on the Song of Songs.

Teresa's Novel

" Her commentary on the Song of Songs was a daring enterprise since women were not considered to be capable of teaching theology. It is worthwhile to remember that a friar who was her contemporary spent some years in a prison for translating the Song into Spanish. "

This piece is called The Song of Songs

It was created in the 1580's.

One could probably see this piece in literature museums.

It is significant because Teresa was a woman and many women in her time didn't write.

I think it's interesting because she wrote The Song of Songs while she was in jail, showing that she could do a lot of stuff, and nothing could get in her way.

Based on her childhood, Teresa of Avila acted very individual. She ran away from home several times, showing herself doing things for herself and not for God.

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