Are video games bad for you?

By: Cody Lindquist

Video games can be good for you because it helps stress and depression.

Doctors say that people with stress can let their frustrated and mad feelings out on the game instead of bottling it up in real life.

An article interviewed college kids who said video games makes them feel happy and they really don't think about the killing and bad stuff they just like the fact that it is fun and entertaining.

Plus studies find that people that are younger have more fun with the game and don't think about the violence that is happening in the game after they play it a bunch of times.

Video games reduce physical and mental pains.

Video games can help with every type of pain not just feelings.

Doctors say video games puts the patients into a better place so they don't feel the pain they're going though.

Military hospitals say it helps with the soldiers recovery and it helps the recovery go faster.

Video games can help your vision.

Doctors say people suffering from cataracts should play first player shooter games because it gets

the muscles in your eyes moving.

Doctors say people get their brain going when they're playing video games.So when the brain is active so are your eyes and video games will do just that.Plus video games like call of duty make the brain more plastic.

They also say it helps with adult behavior because it will help them read better.

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Fun facts

The first video game was tennis for two and the first consul was a brown box.

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The people above are playing a brown box and playing tennis for two.