L4 Writing Assignment DUE

かようび (kayoubi-Tuesday) - Sept 22, 2015

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Today's Important Info:


Please go through your grades to make sure you have submitted all missing work for lessons 1 through 3, including your coaching sessions and Module 1 LinguaFolio Assignment!

*You will have a written and reading Hiragana Exam for part of your mid-term exam, so please make sure you are studying your Hiragana DAILY!

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Today your Lesson 4 Writing Assignment is DUE. Please don't forget to submit that assignment on time, by 11:59pm TODAY!

  • The characters for this week are: ま、み、む、め、も、や、い、ゆ、え、よ。


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Hiragana Stroke Order Chart:

*Note: we don't use "wi" or "we". That is old.

IMPORTANT Info about L4 Speaking Assignment and GRAMMAR info:

L4 Speaking Assignment Info:
  • In Lesson 4, we are working on"My Family" かぞく.
    • Information on L4 Speaking assignment:
      • For your speaking assignment, your pictures can be clip art pictures, if you don't have pics of your family or want to use real photos. ^_^

  • Notes on "ga arimasu" and "ga imasu"
    • Remember that with this ending "ga arimasu" (I have...), you can NOT use this with animated/living things, like with people or animals etc. "ga arimasu" = I have...(you CAN use this with objects that's NOT living).
      • Ex to use "ga arimasu": to say "I have a pencil". enpitsu ga arimaseu. えんぴつがあります。
    • To say "I have..." (to be able to use with living things) you would use "ga imasu".
      • Ex to use "ga imasu": to say "I have a cat." neko ga imasu. ねこがいます.

Please be careful with this. ^_^

Grades Information!

Make sure you are checking the "Your Grades" tab to find your grades. Also to view the feedback I've left for your assignments, please be sure to click the blue comment icon next to your grade given. ^_^

*Remember that language coaching sessions are 20% of your grade,
which means if you don't attend one, that can drop your grade a lot! Keep this in mind. Make sure you make up ALL your missed sessions ASAP.

*GRADES will be due on Monday! (Feb 23rd) by 9PM. Please submit all missing work ASAP.
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