Greatest Of All Time

Kobe Bryant Vs Michael Jordan

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Description of the infographic

The title of this infographic is "The greatest of all Time" it was made in 2011by Diego Sanchez a university of Texas student. The infographic is about a comparison between two of the best NBA players ever. On the left is Kobe Bean Bryant and on the right Michael Jeffrey Jordan. It uses a t-chart to compare the career averages and the awards the players won in the NBA. Some of the images used are pictures of Kobe and Mike also the logos of their endorsements.

About the author

The author of the infographic " The greatest of all time" is Diego Sanchez a university of Texas student. He explained he wrote the graphic to settle the debate between who is better Kobe or Mike. I know this because he wrote an article about himself and why he decided to make the graphic. The target audience is basketball fans and in general sports fans. I know this because this information is only relevant to people who appreciate it.

Relative Statements

Using the info from the graphic Mike has NBA titles than Kobe. Mike makes over 35 million a year from endorsements which is more than Kobe's 25 million from endorsements. Kobe averages less in every category than Mike. Mike Has won five most valuable player in contrast to Kobe's 1 MVP. Kobe has won one slam dunk contest and Mike has won two.

Information Not In the Infograph

I would expect the field goal percentage of each player. Secondly, the 3 point percentage of both of them. Lastly, the free throw percentage of Kobe and Mike.

My Opinion on Who Is Better.

In my opinion Mike is better than Kobe. Mike has outclassed Kobe in every category points, rebounds and, assists. Mike has more scoring titles MVP's and NBA titles and a defensive player of the year. All of these stats and awards judge how great a player is. They don't call Mike the GOAT ( greatest of all time) for no reason. Kobe is a great player also top 10, top 15 best basketball player to play the game. This is why I feel it is justified that Mike is the best to play the game of basketball.