Kim Noble

By: Jolie Benami

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Who is Kim Noble?

Kim Noble is an Artist with Dissociative Identity Disorder, or Multiple Personality Disorder. She's from South London where she's lived most of her life.

Her Life

Kim was born to factory workers in 1960. The neglected her and sent her to live with various people. Some of the caretakers took advantage of her and repeatedly abused her. In her later years, school was a struggle for her. She suffered early symptoms of DID, people noticed but just didn't understand. She was often taken for a liar for maybe what another personality had done or said. Kim was then repeatedly overdosing, under suicide watch over a dozen times, each time she was released she attempted suicide. She then developed anorexia and bulimia. In her late 20s, she saw a stable life, had a job, and one day a switch happened and landed her to another hospitalization and schizophrenia diagnosis. She then found herself to be exposed to the activities of a pedophile ring and when she went to tell the authorities someone lit her house on fire and threw acid in her face.

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Excerpts from her book

"At some point before her third birthday, Kim Nobles mind shattered, like a glass dropped on the hard floor. Shards, splinters, fragments, some tiny, some larger. No two pieces the same, as individual as snowflakes. Ten, twenty, a hundred, two hundred pieces where there was just one. And each of them a new mind, a new life to take Kim's place in the world. To protect her. At last, Kim Noble was happy. No one could hurt her now"

Kim Noble photographed with daughter Aimee Noble

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