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Valeria Martinez

Math 402

Professor Marco Diaz

August 1, 2014

Dueling discounts


Which coupon is better?

When it comes to coupons, customers need to be very careful. Most people choose the coupon with the biggest number without actually calculating the difference. The coupon with the 20% off should be use with a big purchase like for more than 100 dollars, otherwise if it's a low amout like less than 100 dollars they should use the coupon with the 20 dollas off.
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T-Mobil is offering 20% or 20 dollars off of any purchase. My sister Cynthia want to buy the new Samsung Galaxy s5, if the original price of the phone it's $750 dollars which coupon should she use?

If she use the 20% off coupon then her total would be $600 dollars, however if she decides to use the 20 dollars off, her total would come up as $730 dollars. In this case it is totally better to use the 20% off discount.

The next day Cynthia realized that she needed a case to protect her phone, so she goes back to the store and T-Mobil still have the discounts. The case that she likes it's 35 dollars, which coupon should Cynthia use this time?

It is better if she use the 20 dollars off because she would be paying $15 dollars and with the 20% off she would be paying $31 dollars.

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If there was a coupon that's said "x% off" and "$x off" I would go for the x% as long as I am purchasing something that would be $100 and more.