By Zack Gilman

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Poqo was a violent resistance group in South Africa that gained recognition in the 1960's for its brutal and aggressive attacks on whites. They were the largest underground group of the 1960's and the most anti-white group of their time. They targeted policeman in Langa and Paarl and did not care to protect the lives of civilians. Poqo's ultimate goal was t overthrow the South African government and establish a socialist African state.

Following the murder of a family in the Transkei the Minister of Justice established the 1964 General Laws Amendment Act. This act made sabotage a capital offense and made it possible for those involved in sabotage to be subject to arrest without trial powers. This affected the anti-apartheid movement as other sabotage groups were more likely to be detained quicker. Poqo installed fear into the people of South Africa which in effect led people push for the movement to end.

APLA / POQO forces must released