Are you media Illeterate ?

yes or no

media literacy

Media literacy in my mind is describing how influential & knowledgeable a person or a specific group of people are on topics relating to media sources. This includes having a great deal of knowledge in social media platforms like Facebook,Instagram , twitter, and etc. or simply paying attention to current events on the news and being able to form an opinion on that event. Media literacy also has to deal with being able to decipher through whats facts , figures, and whats really important instead of just media "fluff" that may fool and deceive the public into a sense of ignorance of whats really happening in the world. Thoughts on media literacy can vary but one constant remains and that's that there must be a basis of understanding and comprehension by the person or people consuming media. Media literacy is something that can be subjective because it covers such a wide spectrum of areas of knowledge from social media to local News stations or even a schools , but familiarity in these areas can be limited by technology or lack of access to technology, government, and religious preferences. Concluding in my thoughts media literacy is a subject of intellect, persuasion, and being able to decipher through whats "fluff" and whats actual facts .

social understanding of social media

Going in depth about social media was not a "walk in the park". Many challenges arose when speaking and extensively learning about the subject itself, like how the public opinion of a nation can be swayed by social media platforms like twitter and Facebook. Another challenge being the speed of which news travels and how many people it can receive news. the reason for these aspects of social media being a challenge is just the simple fact of how amazing it is ,it’s absolutely mind boggling. The whole phenomenon is quite impressive, social media has helped shaped the secular culture as we know it by initiating new forms of activism like slacktivism, which may not have much to do with physical participation as much as it has to do with critical thinking and awareness to issues. Social media has allowed us to unite as one and give a louder voice to sensitive issues like, gun safety , racial profiling or discrimination, and even economic policy. Platforms have given the common man a voice in societal hot topics. Social media influence is not always a positive thing, like all good things it can be taken advantage of and used for negative purposes. Social media may promote critical thinking but what good is critical thinking without critical action. Some people even argue that social media may even promote or give off the image of laziness or lack of interest in an issue. Another problem being that with positive comments and discussion about hot societal issues there is bound to be negative ones as well simply due to the fact that the profiles can come with a mask and no one online has to reveal their true identity if they don’t want to. Almost advertising cowardly actions like that has ultimately diminished social medias full potential potency as a positive tool to help end societal problems.

politics, truth, and lies


"GDP was zero essentially for the last two quarters."

Donald Trump on Thursday, March 10th, 2016 in the Miami GOP debate.

Donald trump in the Miami GOP debate formed a falsified statement that the united states GDP was at zero for the past 6 months and we have yet to do anything about it. And then tries validate his point comparing “us” to our Chinese counterpart “If that ever happened in China, you would have had a depression like nobody's ever seen before. They go down to 7 percent, 8 percent, and it's a national tragedy”. But while trumps statement about china may be true the real issue here is what he said about the U.S GDP. The GDP of our nation is not zero plain and simple, “it actually has grown about one percent annually in the last 3 months and two percent in the last 6monts according to bureau of economic analysis” trump seems to have a lacking knowledge of the united states state of economic health because we are improving economically and the numbers don’t lie ,but it seems like someone else does

"I'm the only candidate in the Democratic primary, or actually on either side, who Wall Street financiers and hedge fund managers are actually running ads against."

Hillary Clinton on Sunday, April 3rd, 2016 in comments on Meet the Press

Hillary Clinton makes a seemingly bluntly wrong statement about attack ads against her coming from Wall Street, and although the exact moment of her uttering this statement is not given in the summary of the article it does say it was released on “Meet the Press”. The whole story is that although Clinton has had ads against her made by Wall Street, Wall Street is NOT only attacking her in fact its expressed that some finical sectors actually support Clinton and her views. To make an informed decision on this topic you must understand that “monolithic group” and that Clinton exaggerated in this claim.

"Poll after poll after poll shows me beating Hillary."

Ted Cruz on Thursday, April 7th, 2016 in an interview on CNN

Ted cruz in the New York primary says that he and he alone is the only candidate to beat Hillary Clinton and has been doing so “poll after poll”. A closer look at the polls provided by fox news (9) you can see that Cruz only beats Hillary in one poll. But there was some truth to this statement because in February Cruz did have the edge over Clinton in 5 of the 6 poll surveys. To be informed about this one must know Hillary’s positioning along with Ted Cruz’s month after month

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my reflection

My opinion in media literacy hasn’t changed throughout the semester but, my opinion has deepened in knowledge about the subject. I believe my previous statements are correct and well thought out but a bit shallow and just scratches the surface. I learned that media literacy is about shifting some of your own personal beliefs around to obtain a clear vision at the truth, and that he truth is not always black & white but may have a gray area where it’s mushy and not clear cut. I’ve also learned that many topics in media literacy have only a short time span to communicate with the public and in most cases portray wrongful or false information, which in turn can skew a person’s opinion. In this class I have taken away many valuable skills like being able to look at and analyze advertisement strategies, or when how to deeply recognize propaganda when it appears. In Mrs. Hicks class I have also learned about how to efficiently summarize an author’s work by practicing on précis’s. This language arts class differed from the others because of its environment and its organic flow of conversations and its vital insight of the students in the classroom. If there was anything I could change in the classroom it would be during the Socratic seminars maybe include more relevant topics that students would be able to share better insight with.

Prince's response

In response to prince Eas conclusion on the unhealthy relationship we have with technology in todays world I see his point but this doesn’t have to be a permanent reality of our society. We can change this seemingly destined fate.By just doing simple things we can shape our culture differently.For example we could devote at least one hour to outdoor activities we can spend quality time with family and turning off all technological distractions when doing so. As people we tend abuse the very things we promote to be good and turn them to be negative, it”s simply in human nature.Prince Eas referred to the relationship with social media and technology an addiction. An addiction that is plaguing the population , but I believe that this is an addiction we can fix maybe even get rid of ; however , it wouldn’t be easy , like any addiction the first step to recovery is to notify the problem and the prince has seemed to reach a wide audience but that sill wont cut it.for this recovery it would need a global initiative . The negativity of social media platforms revealed its ugly head but the good thing is that social media can be a voice to spread positive message faster than any form of media to date.opinions can be shared , and knowledge can be absorbed by the ignorant. Discussions can be promoted and that is how social media can shape our society to break the strangle hold with the negative side of social media.