The Maze Runner

The theme of survival

The Story

People do not have to fly to be hero, it takes much more. Many heroes of today are shown to have supernatural powers that makes them acquire amazing abilities, flying, super strength, skills to manifest anything, the list goes on. Our heroes in the present time are perceived by the audiences' mindset to have special powers but there are times where being a hero does not need to have all the extra tricks. Thomas, a character in The Maze Runner is thrown unconsciously with no memory into a place of the unknown called the Glades, consisting of only teenagers inhabiting the area. He would soon find out the whole place is bordered by a big wall that closes by night and day to protect them from the maze that are filled with demonic machines that will kill on sight. This begins his adventure, eager to learn what is out there and willing to become a maze runner which is equivalent to being a tribute for the greater good in their little homemade society. Having powers might help to become a hero, but in the dystopian novel The Maze Runner, by James Dashner, his protagonist Thomas has no supernatural powers and is still a hero.

Chuck: "You saw a Griever?" Thomas: "Yeah, I saw one." Minho: "He didn't just see it. He killed it."

This quote shows how brave Thomas is, and the sacrifices he is will to make in order for him and his friends to live.

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The Maze Runner | Official Final Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX

The Maze Runner Trailer

This Video shows the storyline of The Maze Runner and all the action involved in it.