Carly Deges

New Zealand

Getting There

New Zealand is very beautiful and green. The island is lush and tropical, culture, history, and people are as strong as the hills are green. The water is more crystial clear and blue than anything that I have ever seen before. I have been wanting to come to New Zealand my whole life, and I am so happy to have gotten the chance to go.

Where to Stay

All of the places to stay in New Zealand are all beautiful but I thing that Sky city Grand Hotel is the nicest and a little on the expensive at $229.00 per night. I would also recommend the George Hotel that cost most at $295.00 per night.

History and Culture

New Zealand is one of the many places founded by Europeans in the mid 1800's.The first king was Waikato Potatau and New Zealand still has a ruler today!


Are you an adventure person? Well if you are they have Buggy jumping, off road driving ,and my favorite sky diving. If you are more into sports they also have golf, rugby, and motorcycling.


There are many problems that you can run into while on a trip to New Zealand. One is you and you personal belongings have a vary long travel distance.So maby pack all of you're cary-on or dont bring them at all. Therefor you baggage may get lost, left behind, or forgotten.


New Zealand is beautiful and relaxing, or exiting, and just spending time whith some family. it has been my dream to go to New Zealand and it was everything i had always hoped it would be. I hope it will give you the same experience.

About the Traveler

I have ben to may places but never out if the U.S.A. I was in need of a new place to go. Like I said before it has been a life long dream for me to go to New Zealand. It was everything and more that i thought it would be.