The St Lawrence Lowlands

Landform region

Where is it?

St. Lawrence Lowland is a plain along the St. Lawrence River between Québec City in the east and Brockville, Ontario, in the west, including the Ottawa River valley west to Renfrew, Ontario.

The climate of the region.

The Great Lakes cause the hot humid weather found here in the summer by providing the moisture in the air (precipitation). The St. Lawrence Lowlands is the closest region in

Winter in this region can be very unpredictable. Winters can turn out to be cold, with sticky snow because of the humidity from the Great Lakes. Also when the cold Arctic air interacts with the warm gulf masses, the results can turn very unstable which means lots of precipitation for this region.

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what does it look like

the soils.

The St Lawrence lowlands have deep, arable soils deposited during the last glacier, when the Canadian Shield was scraped clean of all rocky soil, which was pushed south. The Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Lowland is a bowl-shaped area that is close to the Great Lakes (excluding Lake Superior). The ice sheet pushed the land downwards under the pressure of the ice. Right now, the land is rising up. It is mainly located in Ontario.

Igneous dikes and sills radiate from the Monteregian Hills, and some support terraces around the mountains, and form parts of the Lachine Rapids in the St. Lawrence River.

st lawrance lowlands more facts.

Canada to the equator, making the weather mild. There can be 100cm of rain each year from the humidity in the summer.