Sneak Peek

September 22nd * Stoy School * Miss Roberts


Greetings - Jump In - Jump Out * Activity - I Let Her Go-Go

Journeys is our comprehensive language arts and literacy curriculum which encompasses reading strategies, phonics, vocabulary, grammar, spelling and high frequency words. It works in collaboration with the Daily 5 and The CAFÉ. Each week, we will focus on a theme and read realistic fiction and informational, nonfiction texts. I will inform you of the specific skills and strategies and will attach the Family Connection to our weekly Sneak Peek. The Family Connection directly corresponds to the skills and strategies students will be working with during the week. It also suggests fun activities you can do with your child to support their learning.

During the next few weeks, we will explore the theme “Neighborhood Visit.” Through our reading, we will visit neighborhoods both imaginary and real, filled with friends to meet! As we read, we will explore the Big Idea “There are different kinds of communities.

This week we begin by reading about Henry’s move into a new neighborhood. As we follow his search for a pet in the realist fiction selection Henry and Mudge, we will think and talk about the question” Why is the order of events in a story important? We will also read an information text called All in the Family.

Target Vocabulary: curly, straight, floppy, drooled, weighed, stood, collars, row

Phonics Skills: Words with short a (can); words with short i (dig) and CVC words

(consonant, vowel, consonant) such as “win”

Vocabulary Strategy - Alphabetical order

Comprehension Skill: Sequence of events – tell the order in which things happen

Comprehension Strategy: Infer/Predict - uses clues to figure out more about the story parts

As the students continue to write stories from their personal memories, they will learn different writer’s crafts to help enrich their stories. The events in a story are written in order and writers use transitional words to help the reader understand the progression and timing of the story. Through modeling the students will observe the use of transitional words and have an opportunity to use them. The students will also begin on a journey to learn about how best to revise and take charge of their own writing.



Lesson 1-9: Equivalent Names for Numbers

  • Showing numbers different ways; coins,
  • T­ally marks, dice, fact families
  • Review basic calculator functions
  • Skip counting by 2’s and 10’s
  • Key Vocabulary: equivalent names, program

Lesson 1-10: Counting Patterns

  • Skip count 6’s, 7’s and 4’s using the
  • Calculator
  • Identify the ones digit in numbers
Lesson 1-11: Relations (<, >, =)
  • Compare numbers
  • Calculate and compare the values of combinations of coins
  • Read, write, and explain the <, >, and symbols
  • Key Vocabulary: is equal to, is less than, is greater than

·Lesson 1-12 Exploring Temperatures, Base-10 Structures and Dominoes

  • Counting by 1’s, 10’s and 100’s with base 10 blocks
  • Using Dominoes to identify equivalent names for numbers
  • Practicing addition facts with dominoes
  • Reading a thermometer and recording the temperature
  • Key Vocabulary: temperature, thermometer, fahrenheit, Explorations, base 10 blocks, cube, long, flat

Social Studies

We will focus on map skills by learning about symbols and map keys. The students will practice using both while reading and locating places on a map. Our focus on communities will have us identify the way people and places change over time. Using our class big book, we will compare photos of places taken at different times. As an extension, the students will think about and complete a table documenting how they think they will change as they grow into adults.

We will then practice the skill of using a calendar and noticing the features of each monthly page. The students will learn that a calendar gives the date and helps us keep track of important events. Without calendars, it would be very difficult to know when something begins or on what day an important event falls.


  • The students have been introduce to Listen to Reading on the computer. Please have your child bring in a pair of earbuds to be used in class
  • Sept. 23rd - First Day of Autumn
  • Sept. 24th - Book Orders due
  • Sept. 26th - Picture money due & School Store 3:00pm
  • Sept. 27th - HT Block Party Noon-6:00pm
  • *Monday is Picture Day!!

Happy Birthday * Kevin Seltzer * September 26th