The West African Black Rhino

Revive! Revive! Revive!

Why Should It Be Revived? Well, Multiple Reasons!

1. They play an important part in the eco-system!

2. They play an important part in the country's economy!

3. They went extinct because of human's poaching, poor babies!

4. Rhinos are an umbrella species! Protect the rhino, and you protect the other species that share the same habitat.

5. The horns and feet of the West African Black Rhinoceros dig out minerals from the ground! Frogs, insects, lizards, and other species rely on the minerals dug out!

6. Their dung piles are more useful than you would think! It is a food source for many small animals, and it also is a great fertilizer that enriches the soil

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Once it is revived...

Prevent poaching! Once the West African black rhino is revived, we have to make sure that they don't go extinct again! To make sure it doesn't, sanctuaries should be built specifically for the West African black rhino! Laws against human poaching should be strongly enforced. Any usage of the rhino horn should be illegal and prohibited.

We could place the West African black rhino back into it's original habitat, but make sure they are safe from poachers. The West African black rhinos were very useful creatures, who many animals who shared the same habitat relied on. The West African black rhino was declared extinct in 2011. Not too long ago. It's habitat could not have changed that much over 2-3 years, so it could easily re-adapt.