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January 2021

Cardinal Care Website

Click here for information on family supports, therapists available in each school, and staff supports. Staff supports include information on supports available, staff links, and the elementary and secondary referral process.

Get Active! Survey Winners

Sara Denure, Tessa Darley, and Jennifer Peterson were the winners of a Cardinal Care winter hat. Thank you for letting us know how many days you got out and walked during the last month. We are glad to hear that you are taking care of yourselves!

Compassion Resilience Toolkit Challenge 1 Questions

I would like to slowly introduce you to The Compassion Resilience Toolkit and offer a series of challenge questions for you to ponder. You can also do this as a staff activity.

Please read these Short informational pieces:

Introduction to the Compassion Resilience Toolkit

Compassion Fatigue and Resilience

Challenge Questions to Ponder:

1. Name one thing that brings you joy.

2. Which section of the wellness compass do you feel most fatigued in? What resources do you utilize when you are in a state of fatigue?

3. Which section of the wellness compass do you feel most resilient? How do you maintain your resiliency in this area?

4. Think about an adult role model who influenced your sense of resiliency and self-care. Who was your role-model and how did they influence you?


This 1 hour pre-recorded Webinar provides information about resilience and the impact of stress, burnout, and compassion fatigue on the education environment, and includes steps for developing a professional self-care plan.

Purposity Information and Link to Submit Needs

We are excited to announce that we have reached our goal of 250 followers on Purposity! This means that we can start posting needs for our school district! Purposity is an app that anyone can download onto their phone. When a student or family is in need of something, that “need” can get posted onto the app by one of the coordinators. Then, anyone with the app can purchase that “need” straight from Amazon where it is then shipped directly to the coordinator to pass on to the student/family.

The coordinators for this app are Hailey Bowman and Teresa Wahl. Hailey will be mostly in charge of the Elementary Schools, while Teresa will mostly be in charge of the Middle and High School as well as Chippewa Valley High School.

If you are aware of any needs for students or families that you work with that you would like posted on this app, please fill out this Purposity Needs Form that will go to Hailey Bowman and Teresa Wahl.

Each item posted can be between $10-$250, will include a brief message about the recipient, and have a link to Amazon to make the purchase. (Please also give us a link to your 2nd choice item on the form (can just be another color) in case the 1st one is out of stock when we go to order it.) Examples of items can be anything from hygiene products, new shoes, a winter coat, or something bigger like a new mattress or bed. It’s important to keep in mind that the need has to be student specific and a basic living essential. This form can continue to be used all year to request needs.

Thank you for your help with launching this new resource for our students and families. Feel free to download the Purposity App and become a follower of our site.

Student Stress Stars and Stress Balls

Every student will be able to receive either a stress star or a stress ball. We will send them out in time to greet the students when they come back to in-person learning! There is a Student Video and a Parent Video to go with the Stress Stars and Stress Balls for when you hand these out to the students. Please play the student video for the students when you give them the stress stars and stress balls and send the parent link to the parents when you hand these out. Thank you!

Two NEW BESTology Coaches!

DCLT Update

The District and Community Leadership Team (DCLT) met on Thursday, December 10th.

Here is a copy of the Agenda with notes of what was discuessed

Here is a copy of the DCLT Action Plan

Here is a brief summary, please click on the agenda for full notes:

  • SPOTLIGHT: Carly Rubenzer

Social Emotional Interventionist at the CFMS

Paris is her Therapy Dog


Purposity: Teresa Wahl and Hailey Bowman

District Implementation Guide: Lucille Eber

MY SAEBRS: Britny Gabert

  • mySAEBRS-CFAUSD for the pre/post assessment for all co-facilitated small groups

Screening Process: Britny Gabert, Sara Denure, and Jerim DesJarlais

Quarter 1 Report: Jennifer Nunez, Rachel Amos, and Erin Taber from UW-Madison Population Institute.

July-Aug 2020 report

Focus Groups:

  • Parent Focus Group Update: Kalin Hiess

  • High School Staff Mental Health Focus Group Update: Jamie Ganske

    • Focus: Staff Personal Interactions

Resource Map: Jamie Ganske

Data Updates:

  • Mental Health Navigator Updates: Shannon Larson

School Based Mental Health Numbers

Click here to see the updated School Based Mental Health Numbers

Interconnected Systems Framework: See What is Available

Click here to see what resources, co-facilitated small groups, and professional development opportunities are available for this school year.

Helpful Flyers

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REALiving Staff Resources

EAP Call Center: 877.256.9302

(Call to access services in EAP, ask questions about EAP, connect with a counselor for phone support, connect with someone from REALiving for 'management consultation'- aka brainstorm ways to use the EAP to support your team, connect with any member of our EAP team for your OWN personal support during this stressful time). You can also email us at

All materials we have ever published are available at:


Username: CFAUSDistrict

Password: cfausd_employee

The ABC's to wellness can be accessed on the left side of the screen. We are posting the weekly covid specific issues there too.

The Champions of People can be accessed on the left side of the screen too. September - December issues are COVID specific.

EAP Counseling Session Times Available!

REALiving has set aside full days for counseling sessions for our staff members to utilize on January 7th and February 11th.

Employees can reserve a slot at this link:

Support Available

Real-Living Counselors are available 24/7 via the Student and Family Assistance Program (SFAP) phone line. The phone number is 855.838.7170

To schedule an appointment with the Employee Achievement Program (EAP), call 1-877-256-9302. To access other information visit: (username: CFAUSD password:cfausd_employee)

Wellness Resources including REALiving weekly articles.

If you are feeling overwhelmed or distressed over COVID-19,

you can call a distress line at 1-800-985-5990 or text TalkWithUs to 66746.

If you have additional questions about mental health resources in the

Chippewa Falls Area Unified School District, please see

Jamie Ganske

Director of Mental Health and Resiliency