Lance's Ledger

March 9 - 13 at Central Elementary

Wonderful Teaching and Learning at Central

This past week I had the opportunity to visit several classrooms and witness excellent teaching and student learning. Most impressive was the degree of embedded formative assessment through student response. In one room students held up a number of fingers to indicate the degree of understanding they had regarding understanding of parallel and perpendicular angles. In another room the teacher was on the carpet with guided reading groups and skillfully elicited answers from students to gauge their level of understanding.

I also want to continue to encourage every teacher to continue to reinforce Cardinal Code lessons through purposeful planning. Setting aside ten minutes every morning to review and discuss expectations will help promote positive behavior expectations among our students. Your efforts are vital in establishing and maintaining a respectful learning environment. Please keep up your dedicated efforts!

Engagement and Learning Take Center Stage

March is Reading Month Off to Great Start

Special thanks to Stephanie Thomas and the March Reading Committee for planning a month long activity fair of learning through reading. While reading is the major factor in almost all learning it also plays a vital role in providing relaxation, and reading promotes the growth and expansion of civilization. Before existence of written language, oral language was the primary means for the communication of ideas. Of course, you might see the problem with that in the fact that stories changed as they were retold. Original ideas took centuries to take hold because of inconsistencies in the message.

Please continue to encourage your students to read every day. Better yet...take 5-10 minutes to model "recreational reading" with your class each day. Kids often do not do what we say. They do, however, do what they see us do!

This Week at Central

Monday, March 9

-Meet with Anne @ 9 AM

-Room Visits in AM

-Week 1 Reading Log Due; Send Week 2 home (orange paper)

-Meet with M. Barraco @ 3:45 PM

Tuesday, March 10

-Tornado Drill #2

-Meeting (Lance) 9:30-10:30 AM

Wednesday, March 11

-Week 1 Reading total due on Google Doc

-Inflatables in gym

-PD from 7:15 - 8:15 AM with Dr. Howell in library. Bring your running record.

-Challenge Coordinator Interviews 4-6 PM

Thursday, March 12

-Lance @ admin. 9:30 - noon

-Open House planning meeting: Supt. Lieske, Michelle Edwards, Phil Thom, Mike Caryl, Lance in Alumni Room (1:30-2:30 PM)

-Inflatables in gym

-Family Reading Night 5:30-7:30 PM

Friday, March 13

-Spirit Day...Read a Shirt Day

-D.E.A.R. Day (four announcements throughout the day)

-DMS Health Teachers at Central in PM

-Inflatables in gym

Help with Literacy Library Resources

Stephanie Thomas and our parapros worked very hard to organize the Literacy Library amid construction challenges and interruptions. I believe Stephanie offered a short orientation earlier this year during PLCs to help us all understand the system in the literacy library. I think we can only imagine how disheartening it must have been for Stephanie and the paras to walk into the literacy library this past week and see materials pulled off shelves and Reading A-Z booklets gone without being replaced. Let's all make a concerted effort to respect and safeguard resource materials so we have them to use for years to come. Meanwhile, if you have materials that were not properly checked out please let Stephanie know so we can account for them. I do not have a budget at this time to replace literacy library materials. Thank you so much to instructional personnel for your anticipated stewardship.

What Teachers Do in Their Free Time

It seems that our very own Kris White has some hidden talents. When she isn't busy teaching or helping with extra duties as a co-head teacher, Kris may be found attending to her hobby as "hairdresser extraordinaire!" Kris does amazing braids according to colleague Libby Holder. When Kris was asked if she studied cosmetology she replied, "Oh no. Hey, I'm a mom and just love to do hair." Well Kris, according to your colleagues you have a very special "extra talent."
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Family Reading Night

On Thursday, March 12 from 5:30 - 7:30 PM Central families will join staff for our Annual Title 1 Family Reading Night. I look forward to seeing everyone at this event and know several of you have already signed up to assist with specific activities. Staff members will be joined by PTO members. Last year we had about 300 families attend the event. We're looking for even more this year! Thanks to Literacy Specialist Stephanie Thomas for spearheading this event and to all the staff who have volunteered to help welcome our students and parents. Bravo!

Mark Your Calendar

On Monday, April 13 (the day we return from Spring Break) we will hold a Central Elementary Community Open House from 5 - 6:30 PM. Student ambassadors will be enlisted and Board of Education Members and the public will be invited. This will be the major unveiling for our newly renovated building.

Further discussion regarding the evening will take place at an upcoming staff meeting. I am interested in your thoughts about displays of student work. Since we will be coming back from Spring Break perhaps we will want to consider student projects thanking our community and displaying some before and after pictures featuring students. Please be sure to share any ideas you think might help to provide a welcoming greeting to our visitors.

A Moment of Reflection

The focus of last weeks' staff meeting was poverty and its effect on student behavior and achievement. Some things are changing in Davison. We deal with far more students who are coming from homes where economic hardship is a reality. However, being poor does not mean a child does not want to learn. It may mean a child will need to negotiate additional challenges.

One thing that has not changed...Davison has in its employ the most talented and dedicated group of people in our area. Our District prides its reputation on the quality of individuals it has hired over the years. IT IS NO DIFFERENT AT CENTRAL! The dedication, caring and scholarship is good and will only get better. It has to because each of us impacts children...our future! Kids first! They are the "big stuff." Everything else is the small stuff and we "don't want to sweat the small stuff."

Whatever your role may be in our Central School Family...Thank you for the things YOU do everyday for kids!

Wishing you continued success in the coming week and beyond!