Conductors and Insulators

By: Katinka

Stephen Gray found out about conductors and insulators. In England, 1729 Stephen Gray also found out that electricity conducted through metal rods.

The difference between a superconductor and a semiconductor is that a superconductor is a perfect material that conducts electricity. It has electrical resistance of zero. A semiconductor is not as efficient as a superconductor.

Stephen Gray found out if it was a conductor or a insulator, if the light bulb glows then it is a conductor, if the light bulb doesn’t glow it is an insulator.

Insulators are very important because if we didn’t have insulators we would get electrocuted every time we try to plug something in.

Some conductors are water, silver, copper, foil etc. Some insulators are plastic, rubber, cloth, wood, and gold etc.

I hope that now you know more about the history of conductors and insulators.

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