Counselor Corner

News and updates from Mrs. Moore (Sowers)

Name Change

I got married, so my new name is Mrs. Moore. I know it will take awhile for the transition. I will continue to answer to Ms. Sowers. :)

My email is now

Parent Panorama Survey

What does a School Counselor do?

Hello! I am Andrea Sowers, the school counselor at Whitaker. This is my seventh year here and am originally from Winston-Salem. I am getting married September 15th and my name will be changed to Mrs. Moore. I'll still answer to Ms. Sowers. :)

I can help your child individually, in a small group, or in the classroom. I help parents find community resources and also manage the academically gifted program. If a parent would like to refer a child for counseling services, he/she can send me an email, call, or complete the counseling referral on my website.

I will be visiting classes once per month for classroom guidance lessons. I will be conducting small groups throughout the year.

Classroom Guidance

I will continue to go into classes once a month and do classroom guidance.

I am trying something new this year. I will be focusing on zones of regulation, mindfulness, and growth mindset in all classes.

Backpack Program

If you would like to help our Backpack Program, you can drop off non-perishable individually wrapped items in the bin outside of my office. Volunteers are also needed to help with the program, if you are interested contact Ms. Sowers. If you could benefit from the Backpack Program you can call Ms. Sowers at 703-6740 or email at