Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide

were to go when a zombie apocalypse occurs.

Rocky Mountains

The reason why I would want to go to the Rocky Mountains is because it has lots of mountains so when the zombies run up the hills there leg will most likely fall off.Also because it would be easier to you then to them.It Also one of the key features would be I rate this region an 8 because it is a good place to be.

Appalachain Highlands

The Appalachian Highlands good place because it is easier to clime up for you then zombies.I also think that sense it is old and eroded/rounded it would be easier.I also think that it would be easier for them because it is so easy to run up.They are in western Alabama.I rate this a 4 because it is not that good of a place because its easy to run up and its not high up.

Great Plains

The reason why it would NOT be a good place to be is because it wide open space so they could come out of no were.Also because they can run fast so its easy for them to run and get you.I think its bad because there is no trees to hide behind.But the good side thing is that it is west of the Interior lowlands. I give this region a 1 because it is not good at all.