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How to Make Your Own Mini Garden with Only 3 Ingredients

Do you want your own garden, but at the same time you do not want to take up too much time and space? Well start a mini garden! All you need is three things. You will need a container to plant in, some seeds(small plants tend to work better), and soil!

To start, you will need to find a container. Anything will work from a cardboard box to a trash bin. Once you have something to plant in, start to fill the container with soil about 3/4 to the top.

After filling the container, you need to start placing your seeds. Take your hands and form a small hole in the middle. This is where you will be placing your seeds. Once your done, take the seeds and carefully place them in the pot. So your seeds are protected, pile a reasonable amount of soil on the top of your container. Try not to fill it up all the way to avoid a mess.

The last step is to remember to water your plant and to give it lots of sunlight. If your container is small enough you probably might be able to place your plant on a windowsill, if not then just place it close to a window.

With these steps you should be successful in making and maintaining your own mini garden. Enjoy!

Picture Caption: Example of a mini garden!

Locomotion by: Jacqueline Woodson

Locomotion is a National Book Award Finalist about a young orphan who puts his own feelings onto paper.

Seven year old Lonnie Collins Motion, better known as Locomotion, has lost his parents to a tragic fire and over the years has become separated from his sister. Living in a foster home, Locomotion builds relationships with his foster family and his friends. Lonnie also knows a teacher who teaches him the art of poetry and how to put thoughts in writing.

Even though Lonnie has lost most of his family he is saved by his new friends and his connection to his memories in the form of poems.

You Are Invited to the 1936 Annual Manifest Spy Hunt!

Saturday, May 30th 1936 at 4:15-6pm

Please meet at the Treehouse right outside of the First Baptist Church.

This club is an on-going tradition for Manifest, but is only open to those who can handle the mystery and adventure of catching a spy. Since we have chosen you to help us catch the Rattler, please feel welcome to bring the following items

  • A compass (we seemed to have misplaced ours)
  • The oldest and newest map of Manifest you can find in your home
  • Snacks:) (Coca Cola and gingersnaps for example)
We hope you can make it to our Spy Hunt!

You do not have to RSVP but if you have any questions please find a way to contact Hattie Mae at the post office, she will tell you anything you need to know about the event.