Showing love and gratitude to ourselves and others

November Monthly SEL Concept

This month, tweet @AustinISDSEL using #grateful to share ways you practice living a balanced life!

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Speak Gratitude in November

Article Reflection

Do you plan to bring gratitude into your classroom this month? What activity can you try with your students to invite them to begin their practice of gratitude?

Gratitude: A Lesson in Two Parts

Article Reflection

Reframing our lives with a sense of gratitude and an acknowledgment of self.

What is a strength of characteristic you have that you are proud of and makes the world around you a better place?

Infographic: The Art of Gratitude

Suggested Activities to Show Gratitude

Stick With It Co. helps people focus on the relationship they have with themselves. Using affirmations on sticky-notes as a tool, our mission is for people to wholly, unabashedly, and guiltlessly love themselves. If affirmations and self-work are new to you, have no fear, we have taken the guess work out of where to begin!

20 Best TED Talks on the Power of Gratitude

Get Your Read On!

Resources for Parents

Mindfulness Monthly Newsletter

We encourage you to be #MindfulAISD as you are building connections in your classroom. Here's is October's Mindfulness Newsletter. It provides great tips, updates on local happenings, and techniques for the classroom and home.

A Little Inspiration

Why Gratitude Is So Hard