County/Major Show Supply Costs

The Items Have Arrived!

Mrs. Kaschmitter ordered all items and they have been delivered to her house. We are currently awaiting the exact shipping costs to finalize the cost of all items.

To help with finances, we will collect money on 2 dates.

First Payment Due

Monday, December 21st

Project Center - Lamb/Goat Barn

10:00 AM

1st amount due: $50

Second Payment Due

Friday, January 1st

Project Center

During Boles Boot Camp Work Session

Pigs - 4:30 PM in Pig Barn

Lambs/Goats - 5:00 PM in Lamb/Goat Barn

2nd amount due: $50


I will begin giving your animal supplies that were purchased as early as Friday, January 1st. Therefore, should your animal not be able to show. (Fungus, limping, weight, etc. a refund will not be possible. #1) items have already been purchased #2 your animal has already received a portion of the products, the remaining product will be provided at the next show)


Cost Explanation

Total cost is based on your animal attending county and 1 major.

If your animal is only attending 1 show, you will be responsible for 1/2 the amount of the other students.