Earth's weather has a lot of sun and Earth is fun!

Earth's weather has a lot of sun and Earth is fun!

Fun at Earth

Don't you love taking a swim sometimes or enjoy the nice sun. Here on Earth there is always somewhere sunny. If you like playing in the snow and cold weather, there's a place for that to!

Hottest temperature recorded: 134 degrees Fahrenheit

Coldest temperature recorded: -128.6 degrees Fahrenheit

Let's Get to the Facts

-Our planet, Earth is the third planet from the sun and the densest planet in the solar system.

- Earth's radius is 3,959 miles.

- You might be used to many moons, but Earth only has one.

- We have seasons because the Earth is tilted and makes its yearly journey around the sun

- It takes Earth 24 hours to make a complete rotation on its axis.

- It takes Earth 1 year to make a complete revolution around the sun.

- Earth's main energy source is the sun. Coal,oil, natural gas, etc. originally get their energy content from the sun.

- Planets are round because of gravity.


Suggested Acrtivities

Here on Earth, like I said earlier, you can do many things like go take a swim or go on a very cold walk. If, I was you I would bring a jacket and a swimsuit, so you could do both! You could even skiing and play in the ice.

Earth from different Angles

This is Earth from different angles.


By: Lily Gaddy-Harmon