Technology class


Typing Web

. In typing web you have to finish intermediate by the end of the semester

. Typing there are different levels that you need to pass

. I liked typing because you can practice wear the letters are on the keyboard


. I like iTrailer because i get to do something on my pets

. So in iTrailer you get to take short videos of what you picked to do your iTrailer on your topic

. Another thing is you can talk pitchers on your same topic

Haiku Deck

. Haiku deck you create presentations

. It gets you ready for the future

. You answer a lot of questions about in a couple of year

Explain Everything

. I like Explain Everything because you can record your self and put it on their

. You can go on the website and get pitchers and put them on it

. So you can also play around with it

Career Locker

. I like career locker because can see what collage I want to go to

. Also you can see your school

. You fill out a survey to see what job you can do in the futer


. In Coding you can do games

. You have to compleat 9 levels to get a fore

. Also you can learn new things