Principal Praises

May 2, 2016

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Thank you Teachers! - Please enjoy your week!

It takes a special person

To teach a child in class
To just keep his attention
In a world that moves so fast

To show a child he is unique
With talents deep inside
To help to build his confidence
So he can beam with pride

To show a little patience
For a child who's lost his way
To a child who feels abandoned
Who has seen better days

To inspire and to motivate
So a child can learn and grow
To go into this big wide world
That has its highs and lows

You are a special person
You always give your best
And for every child that has your class
Their life is truly blessed

3rd Grade Makes Significant Gains on LA SAGE

Congratulations to 3rd grade teachers and students, who had an average of 39% proficiency on the SAGE LA test. Of course, we want all students to be proficient by the end of their year, but this is up by 25% from 2014-15 and 2013-14 scores. This is cause for celebration! We commend Senor Bruckman, Ms. Burch, Mrs. Bremer, and Mrs. Eklund for their great efforts, teamwork, and dedication to power instruction as they prepared their students for their testing. They have held high expectations of their students in class and in testing, and it is paying off. We are proud of their success!

Welling Celebrates Writing!

Ms. Welling's 4th grade students had an average growth of 130 points in writing this year! This is huge! One student grew over 280 points! Several students went from scoring 1's last year to 3's and 4's this year. Total growth in writing for this hard-working group of fourth graders so far is 2,808 points! Thank you, Ms. Welling and students for your diligence in showing what you are capable of on SAGE. This will set you up for even greater success next year.


  • Power-up K-2
  • SAGE Science & Math Testing
  • Food Dist Thursday
  • Dunk Tank and Pizza celebration Thursday during lunch
  • We are continuing to develop "Teacher Radar"
  • Follow through with Opportunities to Respond (Aspen Henderson training)-Data collection next week
  • Plan & Teach until the end! Every minute of every day counts!
  • ALEKS continues through second week of May
  • All teachers outside after school wearing orange vests
  • Please have students help with classroom and outside cleanup

Dates to Remember

5/2 - 5/6 - Teacher Appreciation Week

5/2 - Kinder to the Zoo

5/3 - PLC 3,4,5,6

5/3 - Faculty Meeting 3:00

5/3 - PTA 6:30

5/4 - Sunshine Club Lunch

5/4 - 1st grade to Treehouse (12:00)

5/5 - PLC K,1,2

5/5 - Fundraising Pizza Celebration (outside)

5/5 - Dunk tank Fundraising Celebration during lunch recesses

5/5 - Bridging the Gap Food Distribution, schedule to follow

5/6 - Spirit Day

5/6 - School Lunch Hero Day

5/6 - Leader of the Month Assemblies 1:20, 2:00

5/6 - DLI Culture Night at Ben Lomond 6:30 - 8:00

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Dual Language Culture Night & Celebration

Friday, May 6th, 6:30pm

Ben Lomond High School commons area

DLI classes will celebrate their year with a culture event to be held at Ben Lomond High School, Friday, May 6, 6:30 - 8:00. Students will perform and share projects they have been working on. Families will enjoy food, fun and entertainment! Thank you Senor Bruckman for organizing this event.