Who Knew's?

The murdering green-witch village apartments by Katherine


On Saturday as everybody was enjoying their afternoon a neighbor heard the scream of a lady and a glass shattering. He said that in the apartment it came from there was a married couple, the lady had special needs and the husband took care of her. He said before the murder happened the spouse found her husband hiding something from her, which started the argument. The lights went off in the apartment and then they heard the scream. Jeff the neighbor who heard everything said that later that day the neighbor next door from where the murder had happened took out her dog. The dog started smelling by where there were plants which made Jeff suspicious. Several hours later Lisa came and both Lisa and Jeff saw as the husband made several trips somewhere were with a luggage. They both found that suspicious because he made the trips more than 10 times. A few days later Jeff heard the lady with the dog yelling and crying hysterically every neighbor in close went out to the balcony to find the lady's dog dead. That made Lisa, Jeff and Jeff's massage lady really skeptical about what was going on. Then they decided to go see what was by the planted flowers, their plan was to just go check that out and come back inside of Jeff's apartment. When they started digging the didn't find anything, so they gave up. But Lisa was not going to give up that easily she decided to go up the stairs and brake into the husband's apartment. There she found the ring, but as she found it the prosecutor walked in. He gave her a deadly stare that made her tremble, then he grabbed her. Jeff dialed the police's number, when they got there the husband was about to hurt her and they stopped him. From there the husband told the police that Lisa had broken in and as they were about to arrest her she told them that he had committed murder.

Feminism in the 1950's vs. Now

Feminism during the 1950's was so different than today's. This is because back then WWII was going on and some women did men jobs. Not many people were used to the idea of women doing men job's because back then women were seen as a stayed at home person. The person who cleaned the house, cooked, and took care of the kids. Not many women worked back then. Yet today many women work they do jobs that men were known for. Now it is not weird when there is a lady as a lawyer or a doctor. Even though a lot of women work there are some stay at home moms.


The ballerina was the perfect idol of the American independent women, she was always alone and didn't really depend on anybody yet when her husband got home she was happy for him to be there. Mrs. Lonelyheart was showed as a weak lady because she's always looking for man in her life which makes men feel like they are needed. Also something that made her seem weak was whenever she was about to drink the pills, showed us that she is miserable with her life.