My Canadian Teen Culture

following the gideline to core values


* English* I speak English at school with my friends and teachers. i also speak english with my moms side of the family.*Bell Fast*I speak Bell Fast at my dads and my dads side of the family. Bell fast (if you didn't know already) is Irish but from Bell Fast.

Customs and Traditions

* Christmas: On Christmas Eve my sister and I are at my moms. At my moms we have christmas on Christmas Eve. Thats when we open our presents so we have more time in the morning to get ready to go to my dads. Christmas morning my sister and I wake up and go to my dads side of the family and have another Christmas there.
* 4th of July: On the 4th of July my sister, my dad and I go over to our old house and all our old friends buy a lot of fireworks and at 10:00pm we all set them off and watch.
*New years: On New Years im with my mom and usually 1 friend. At 11:30pm my one friend gets to wrap me in tolet paper. At 12:00pm i rip out of the tolet paper and get a pie in the face then we party.


*my iphone*

My phone is very important to me becasue I live far away from my dad and sister. If I didn't have my phone I would have no way in contact with them. My phone is my life and i dont know what I would do without it I would be lost. My phone is my alarm clock, my calender my everything.


The kind of books I read are about "drugs" and what drugs do to you. Books are very important to me because I love reading and I read all the time. If I want't aloud to read i wouldn't know what else to do

You stand infront of me,
pretending to be solid,
but you are nothing more
than smoke and
You said you'd never leave,
that you would care for us forever,
but now you claim you
That you've been called away.
When you go,
who will i turn to when it all
crashes down?
me who.
Then tell me,
how I can believe
anone again, if all your promises have been

by: Ellen Hopkins


I listen to a lot of types of music. music is important to me because it was there for me whenno one else would. it makes me happy when im sad. i just couldn't live without music.


my favourite thing to get at starbucks are their frappuccinos! starbucks is important to me because i get it after i get a good grades, or after somethign bad happened to my family. My favourite starbucks drink is off the spical menu. its a cotton candy frap!


My friends are apart of my culture becuase i see them everyday and talk to them plus hang out with them. Same with my family. i couldn't live my life without my friends or family. I talk to my friends and family about different kinds of things that i need help with.

explaining my choices.

The reason why i chose all of my languages and artifacts and traditions on this page is because these are the things i most enjoy in my life. Its not because im some normal teenager who cant stay off their phone. No. its because i need my phone to talk to my family. i need books to understand things in life that i cant learn in school or by family. its because all those holidays are the ones i enjoy the most the ones where im with my friends and family enjoying everyone around laughing and smiling. im not one of those teenages that when a older person smiles at them they frown and look away no i smile back because i have read some terrible things. its not because im a normal teenager im me and no one else could be exactly like me.