Nora is Internationally Minded

Join us for International Night April 23

Internationally Mindedness

As an IB-Primary Years Programme School, Nora embraces the International Baccalaureate's overall purpose to promote and develop international education. One way that we do this is by examining issues from multiple perspectives and by developing a student's learner profile. The student learner profile helps us become more internationally minded, which is a goal of the IB programme. We also incorporate other essential elements of the PYP leading us to become more internationally minded. Join us for our International Night April 23 as we engage in activities from around the globe, all the while developing our learning profile and personal attitudes.

Essential Elements of the Primary Years Programme (PYP)


Action is one of the goals of the IB. Once our students have acquired new knowledge and practiced new skills at school, what are they going to do with that information? TAKE ACTION! Action can be big or small. It can be as simple as sharing your knowledge with someone else, or as big as starting a school-wide campaign or writing a letter to a government official. Use the action cycle below to guide your student to taking action and to expand their learning outside of the school building. The action cycle is also a great tool for making choices and managing behavior at home or school.