Ms. Borgert's Weekly Buzz

September 25, 2015

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Notes from the teacher

  • I was so happy to see the fabulous turnout and to meet the many grandparents/special friends who took time out of their days to come visit with us for our Grandparents Day activities. The students were so excited and the grandparents were so gracious even while being packed into our little classroom! There was a lot of love packed into our small space! :)

  • Please make sure to clean out your student's folder each evening, and to remember to sign their behavior chart. Please make sure to talk to them about why they may have received a reminder, or some of the reasons why they got Wows!

  • Below is the link to the criminal background check and Anti- Bullying training if you haven't had the chance to do it yet. It must be completed before you come into school to volunteer or have lunch with your student. Our lunchtime is from 11:00-11:30 am if you ever want to come in and eat with your child!

  • Please follow our class Twitter page @LBorgertTCE to see additional pictures/updates from our classroom!


  • Don't forget to practice sight words daily! It's their only homework right now so please try to make this a nightly routine!

  • Review letters and sounds daily. All kindergarten children can benefit from this. I will be in touch soon with parents who have children that could benefit from extended practice. I have been assessing on both letters and sounds and am finding that many know the uppercase letters well, but have a harder time identifying lower case letters.

  • Practice writing first AND last name using correct upper case and lowercase letters.

  • Read to your child every day! See picture below with some great reading tips!
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Important Dates

Friday, 10/2 – ½ Day (School Dismisses at 12:01, no lunch served)

Monday, 10/12 – Field Trip to Tuttle's Orchard

Thursday & Friday - 10/22 & 10/23 - No school, Fall Break

Every ThursdayLibrary Checkout Day

Picture Retake Day - Thursday, Oct. 1st

Picture Retake Day is October 1, 2015. If you received a picture proof or packet and would like another chance, please have your child bring the picture packet to the photographer on October 1st. You can still order packages online. If you would like a retake order form or have any questions about this, please contact Pat Lines in the TCE office.

Academic Highlights for the Upcoming Week

Reading: Schema - Making Connections (Text to Text, Text to Self, Text to World) Story Elements – CHARACTERS, Concepts About Print: consonants and vowels, Letters make words, words make sentences

Sight Words: this, in, big, here, said, like, we, are, go, can, at, on, I, look, see, my, a, mom, dad, you, the, is, and

Math: Addition to 10, Comparing 2D and 3D shapes, patterns, positional words, comparing numbers, identifying numbers, more or less, Sorting objects, recognizing patterns, one to one correspondence

Math Vocabulary: addition, number, more, part/part/whole, ten frame, circle, rectangle, square, triangle, flat shape, 2d, solid shape, 3dabove, beside, in front, next to, behind ,number, more, less, equal, order

Writing: Writing for specific audiences. Writers label pictures, Pictures tell a story.

Social Studies: School Rules, DETERMINATION, SELF CONTROL, SAFETY, RESPECT and RESPONSIBILITY in the classroom.

Science: Apples & Pumpkins

What to Ask?

Have a kiddo that is reluctant to talk about what they did at school all day or do you get the response "FINE", when you ask how school was (that's my 13 year old's typical response!)? Here are a couple questions to get the conversation rolling.

* Can you find any SOLID 3D (or fat) shapes around the house?

* Good readers make connections to text they are reading. What does it mean to make connections?

* Tell me about what you did during Grandparent's Day.

Discovery News

Hello wonderful parents! This is Mrs. Foust with our news from Discovery. This week our rhyme was, “Hey Diddle, Diddle.” Students practiced a clap, clap, pat, pat beat to go with the rhyme. We also worked on an art piece to give to Grandparents on their special day. For Social Skills, we continued our Feelings unit, focusing on the feelings of surprise and anger. Next week we will investigate the “1,2 Buckle My Shoe” rhyme.