Paraprofessional Wild West Sessions

Pick 3 sessions to attend. Choose 2 alternate choices.

Giddy up Google

Google 101 - This course is designed to help participants get started with Google Apps and their drive. We will find how to log in from the home page, organize the drive, learn how to share information in the drive, and provide a short overview of the products available in Google. We will also discuss how to upload files to the Google drive so that participants can keep information in one place, share, and collaborate easily.

Stock Show

Presentation Tools - Participants will learn how to use Prezi, Photo Peach, Animoto, Slide Rocket, or Google Presentations to showcase your content. You will be amazed how easy it is to make fast, free, professional quality presentations!

Clean out the Barn!

Organizing the Paper - This session will cover ways to organize all the paper in your world. We will cover what a Tickler file is and how to use it to streamline your time. We will also discuss prioritizing, strategies to keep notes handy, and reducing clutter.

Horse Whisperer

Connecting with Kids - Strategies that you can use to inspire kids and connect with them. Discover many creative and positive ways to approach working with the students in your school and helping them to develop successful ways to work with the adults in their lives.

Talk Right Purty

Professional Communication - Today's wireless world offers an endless array of communication choices, this tends to blur the professional protocol. Effective communication is a key, but often forgotten. In this session you will learn about your personal communication style and its advantages and disadvantages, how better listening can enhance your relationships, how to choose the appropriate communication tool, and how to better understand those you communicate with. This session is suitable if you would like to improve your communication skills in the professional environment.

Cattle Trail

Thinking Maps Overview - This session introduces Thinking Maps to the participants. We will explore the eight maps, see how they cross content areas, and look at some of the research about the brain that demonstrates the importance of students being able to visually organize their thoughts. We will also discuss the difference between a Thinking Map and some content-specific graphic organizers.

In Line with the Law

Digital Citizenship - Have you been hearing the words 'Digital Citizenship', and wondering what exactly they entail? Come to this hands-on session where we will explore the nine elements of Digital Citizenship while learning how to use the iPads with students. Not only will you have a better understanding of how to teach students to use these devices appropriately, but you'll also have fun exploring apps, handy tips, and tricks!

Ranch Hand 101

Ways to Support Instruction - Effective support is vital for many students in need. The gap you fill could be the difference between success and failure for a student. This session will provide resources, information, and a chance for you to practice strategies to help ensure that with your support, students will be successful.

Wrangling the Herd

Cooperative Learning - Create an actively engaged community that fosters collaboration and active engagement. Come explore cooperative learning through Kagan structures.

City Slickers and Cowboys

Diverse Learners - In this session we will explore the similarities and differences in our learners and gain insight about how they are likely to respond to classroom instruction. We will also identify options for meeting the needs of the wide range of students in our classrooms, including gifted students, struggling learners, students with special needs, second language learners, and resistant/reluctant learners.

Horsin' Around

Team Builders - Join us for a "game-on" learning experience! Learn a variety of team building activities aimed at bringing out the best to foster communication and collaboration. Come ready to play!

Gussy it Up!

Web 2.0 Tools - Come learn what Web 2.0 is all about and how to collaborate and share information over the web.

Gold Rush

Free iPad Apps - "What are your top iPad apps? " The iPad is a fantastic tablet and its app store is a sea of endless possibilities. Do not worry! First, become a curator of app knowledge by downloading this collection of the best free iPad apps. Second, explore more apps with colleagues and categorize what you find into "creativity," "productivity" and "content-related" apps. Finally, build your expertise and confidence with the "10 Great tips for LISD iPad Users."

Required Working/Learning Lunch

Light lunch is provided: Chick-fil-A sandwiches, chips, and water. Bring your own lunch if you prefer. There will not be time to leave and buy lunch.