Best and Worst of 2015

3 Companies that marketed themselves well

1. Fanduel/Draftkings- they both dominated advertising across sports networks with one of their commercials coming on every other advertisement. They also became a big segment of many sports programs.

2. Dollar Shave Club- They had many funny advertisements and caused many other razor companies to lose a significant amount of sales. They will only get bigger from now on and are off to a great start.

3. Snapchat- snapchat now makes money from allowing many popular medias such as ESPN, Comdedy Central, and a countless amount of others to have slots on the app. They introduced new filters and they became so popular that people now have to pay for them. Overall a very successful year for Snapchat.

Best and Worst Products


Portable Chargers- many companies such as Dynex have made large profits from portable chargers. You can charge your phone where ever you go.

Hoverboards-a creative new device that many people enjoy. Large profits were made this past Christmas on hoverboards.


Apple Watch- a huge let down for Apple with not very many people getting them. This is the first bust product they've had.

Iphone 6- not an awful turn out for Apple but didn't have many improvements from the iphone 5. Many people are choosing to wait for the iphone 7.

Top 2 movies

H8ful eight- many interesting advertisements that didn't reveal a lot about the movie. It was mostly marketed as Tarintino's 8th film.

The Martian- a common theme in marketing this movie is that the audience needed to bring him home.

Top 10 Worst Songs By: Time

My top 5 least favorite songs of 2015

1. Robbin Williams

2. Marvin Gaye

3. Hey Everybody

4. Daddy

5. Downtown

New Year's Resolution

1. Improving my personal health

2. Being a better son, brother, and friend

3. Increasing my grades and giving more effort