Paris Climate Summit

Sally O'Dea and Grace Hatch

Key Points of the Landmark

  • More than 190 countries were part of the global climate agreement
  • GOAL: Make sure global warming stays well below 2 degrees Celsius
  • Countries reduce greenhouse gas emissions every 5 years
  • Missing their emissions target has no affect on them (countries)
  • Wealthy nations provide $100 billion annually for developing countries
  • Small island nations want to include a section "loss and damage" for climate related disasters
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Important Information

  1. Climate and energy legislation exists to help the global warming situation
  2. The environmental legislation exists to help the U.S's natural resources
  3. Sustainability is the quality of not being harmful to the environment or depleting natural resources
  • Only buy the necessitates
  • Be conscious about your water use
  • Choose items that are renewable
  • Take public transportation more often
  • Use more recycled material
  • Only use energy that is really needed
4. All of the things we are doing now effects us and/or future generations later
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