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The first laser ever to be created was by Theodore H. Maiman ,Charles Hard Townes and Arthur Leonard Schawlow
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how lasers work

They work by getting light to concentrate on one place multiple times in a narrow side and creates a powerful beam that can be used to just show light in a specific or area or cut through metal if needed
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everyone can benifit from lasers because theyre really cheap where u can get one for 13 dollars and the laser beam can still reach 3 miles into the sky and many people use it and point it at pilots with over 548 reports of it happening in year even though its a criminal offence and it can go all to 300 dollars which can burn money if pointed at it and can make holes through stuff
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laser eye surgery

People can also benifit from lasers by doing laser eye surgery which can correct vision if done properly and all with a help of some lasers that cost around 2000 dollars per eye

interesting facts

there are military lasers than can blow up a rocket or a boat from 1.5 km away after only seconds of impact
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It's a cheap device that can cause damage if its in the wrong hands and it can easily cause planes to crash and blind pilots
Any one can get their hands on it
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Anyone can get their hands on it

it can be used in lots of good ways

Military weapons that are powerful but not lethal