My Personal Story

By Mitchell Eveland

Getting fit

Have you ever been out of shape? Have you felt bad about it? You probably have. If so, you relate to me a little. I actually found a way out of being a fat weirdo. Here is my story.

Once, I was fat. I was out of shape. Everyone ran faster than me. I could not take it. I was calm about it at school, but at home, I was troubled. I wanted to get in shape, but I hated exercise. I could not seem to be able to motivate myself.


I did not motivate myself. My parents apparently had the same problem. They motivated me. They decided to start an evening jog at the local park. It started out with a lap or two around the track. Then, I ran more. (I ran a lot over the course of time) Eventually, it became 3 miles! It took only two or three months! (The laps were rather large)

I also ate less than I used to. When I became slim, it was wintertime. I could not do any running, but fortunately, my P.E classes were doing up to 20 minutes of running a day! I am still in shape today.

Even later....

I now run about average speed, though I am slower when I want to be. I eat less junk food. When the springtime comes, I will come back to the park and run again.

If you have an issue like mine, just follow my advice.

My arms were also out of shape. My arms were like noodles in the breeze. So, I did push-ups when winter came. I still do the push-ups. They hurt, but they are rather affective. I still have to experience pain when I do those.

I have super legs but my arms needed more than push-ups. So, I used a video game. Yes, A video game. It improved my fitness. And, I was fairly interested in it!

If you find a way to make exercise fun, you will get stronger faster. I am now way less out of shape, and I still continue my exercises today! It takes a while, but it pays off to be fit in the end. (That means: follow my advice, NOW!)