Church Furniture Supply

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Church Furniture Supply

Integrity Furniture provides the best selection of church furniture supply on the market. We have a range of options, reasonable rates, and high-quality furniture that you can count on.

Did you know…
●In a study from the PewResearch Center which surveyed over 35,000 Americans from all across the country on religious statistics…
●Over 70.6% of Americans consider themselves Christian
●20.8% Catholic
●1.8% Mormon
●0.8% Jehovah’s Witness
●5.9% Non-Christian faiths
●22.8% are unaffiliated

Church furniture supply is in high demand, as:
●37% of Americans report they attend religious services every week
●Attending church has reported health benefits
○May decrease your risk of Alzheimer’s disease
●Parents tend to dictate their children’s religious choice up into adulthood and beyond
●YouTube and social media have increased church attendance as more and more churches are using these technologies to their advantage

At Integrity Furniture, we specialize in providing a wide array of church furniture supply options, including:
●Early childhood friendly furniture
●Room dividers
●Storage equipment
●And more