Good Times, Bad Times

By:Lila Coburn

Chapter 10

The Consumer Economy

  • During the 1920's the American life style was based on consumer economy.
  • Electricity based items were becoming more and more popular.
  • Ready to wear clothing was popular.
  • Most families had one income because usually the women didn't work.

The Great Depression

  • Herbert Hoover was president when The Great Depression began.
  • The cause of The Great Depression was the stock market crashing.
  • During this time was the highest unemployment rate.
  • The aviation industry in Wichita, which was going strong just a few years earlier, was almost wiped out.

Life goes on

  • After The Great Depression citizens were back to having fun.
  • Sports remained of great interest to most of Kansas.
  • Amelia Earhart the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean was from Kansas.
  • Photography and movie making arrived in Kansas.

Extra Facts


  • Baseball was popular in the 1920's they had a black and white baseball league because they were not allowed to play side by side.
  • Movies were popular entertainment in the 20's.