Crisis in Venezuela

Created by: Terry Kobert

Background of the crisis

  • The Venezuelan economy was in deep trouble before this even started.
  • The government was very bad there.
  • Government might start to collapse soon.
  • The protests started because of the government. Nobody agreed with the government.

Information about the protest

  • The people protested by going into the streets and rioted. They broke pasts barriers and chanted in the streets.
  • During one of the protests 25000 people were killed.
  • Also during a student protest a 14 year old student was shot and killed.
  • The United States of America were being accused for the start of the decline in economy.

What are the effects of the protests

  • Lines outside of stores just to get food
  • No food in shopping markets
  • The abusing of protesters
  • Government has low handling of crime and economy

How did the protesters demonstrate their belief through the protests

The Venezuelan people got their point across by

  • Anti-government protest
  • secretly trying to overthrow the government
  • Labor leaders wanted to protest Chaves