Francis Howell Golf Weekly Notes

Week of March 21st 2016

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Course Etiquette

Care for Course

  • We are very fortunate to have several local courses that allow us to practice.
  • It is imperative that we leave the course better than what we found it.
  • Old Hickory indicated that there were a lot of ball marks left on the green area. We weren't the only team out there, but we can do our part to alleviate this issue.
  • Please fix YOUR ball mark AND additional ball marks you see on the green.
  • Rake all bunkers and repair any divots.
  • Leave the course better than your found it!
Fore The Golfer: How to Repair Ball Marks

Arnold Palmer's 10 Rules for Good Golf Etiquette

Enjoying the Good Weather at Whitmoor

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Dylan, Matt, and Blake Modeling the New Team Hats

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Apparel and Golf Balls


Apparel is scheduled to be delivered Tuesday. If that time frame holds, I'll distribute at practice on Wednesday.

Golf Balls

Each golfer will receive two dozen Pro V1 or Pro V1x golf balls at practice this week. These golfers are intended for use in tournaments and matches (not practice). If golfers prefer another brand or type of golf ball in competition, they are free to do so.

Important Save the Dates

1. Golf End of Season BBQ -- Tuesday, May 31st

We will celebrate the season and honor our seniors. Time and location TBA. We would love 100% attendance from golfers and families.

2. Golf Camp -- June 20th - June 23rd

We are tentatively scheduled to hold golf camp from June 20th - June 23rd from 8am-12pm. We do not expect current team members to register, but we do ask for any help we can get as counselors during the week. This helps grow the game of golf for younger kids in the area and helps develop the future of our program. Many of our current program members are camp alumni.

3. Francis Howell Boys Golf Tournament -- Thursday, July 21st

This is a crucial part to funding our program. Our program goes above and beyond compared to others in the area. We have range finders, practice rounds, extra equipment, etc. Much of this has to do with having the money raised from our annual tournament. In addition, Whitmoor is very kind to us because we are consistent business with our tournament. We don't do five hundred different fundraisers. The tournament is our main focal point for fundraising. We will be seeking your help in obtaining golfers, hole sponsors (great source of money), and raffle/basket donation items. In addition, we will also be looking for volunteers to help in planning and helping on the day of the tournament.

Season Goals

1. Eliminate Penalty Shots

2. Eliminate Three Putts

3. Eliminate Two Chips

4. Improve Up and Down %

Why Do We Have problems with Three Putts?

We continued our short game work this week. That is always great to practice and it's something you should do on your own. One of the things I noticed is that on the course many of our golfers are struggling with simply reading whether a putt is uphill or downhill. I think much of it has to do with forgetting to take the time to figure it out. One of the things that can help is simply looking at your putt from behind the hole. This can give you a lot of information that you don't pickup from just standing behind your ball.

Jordan Spieth Putting Drill


Spring Break Schedule

Spring Break is the week of March 21st.

Monday 3/21 (Bear Creek): Golfers should arrive at 9:30am. We will warm up on the range AND play 18 holes starting at 11am.

Tuesday 3/22 (Whitmoor): We will do range/short game work AND play 18 holes. Golfers should arrive at 9:30am and we will tee off at 10:30am.

Wednesday 3/23 (Whitmoor): We will do range/short game work AND play 18 holes. Golfers should arrive at 9:30am and we will tee off at 10:30am.

Golfers have Thursday and Friday off. Go play somewhere! Work on short game! Go to the range.

Schedule for Week of 3/28

We will open our season after spring break.


Parents and spectators are always welcome at matches and tournaments. Please be respectful of MSHSAA rules. You should stay on the cart path 20 yards behind the golfers. You are not allowed to coach or provide any golfing related info to the golfers.

Monday 3/28:
NO SCHOOL. Varsity top five will be playing at the Bogey Hills Invitational. Our first tee time starts at 9am. There will be no practice for those not playing. I may encourage those not playing, to come out and spectate, but I'll finalize that decision this week.

Tuesday 3/29: Washington JV Tournament at Wolf Hollow. This is a 9am shotgun start at Wolf Hollow. Coach Henley will drive the team via van to the tournament. Departure time is TBA. Those not playing WILL practice at Whitmoor after school.

Wednesday 3/30: Practice at Whitmoor after school.

Thursday 3/31: Match against FHC at Whitmoor. Matches start anywhere between 3-3:30 depending on when the opposing team arrives. Varsity lineup is five golfers and JV lineup is five golfers. Those not in the lineup should plan on attending to either practice or get a round in as an extra.

Friday 4/1: Practice at Whitmoor.

Lineups for First Tournaments

Lineups for the first two tournaments should be set after Wednesday's spring break practice.

We have three upcoming tournaments that I group together:

1. Bogey Hills Tournament (3/28) -- Top five golfers in PAvg

2. Washington JV Tournament (3/29) -- I usually fill this tournament with younger & less experienced golfers who are not in the top five, but are in the top 15.

3. Union Tournament (4/4) -- This is a varsity level tournament, but we will not send our top PAvg golfers. This tournament will be filled with many golfers who are outside the top four averages.

3a. Lake Forest Invitational (4/4) -- I'm throwing this tournament on the list because this is a varsity tournament on the same day as Union. We send our top four golfers to this tournament. You only play four golfers in the tournament.

The goal by the end of spring break practices is to have a FULL lineup set for Bogey and Washington tournaments. I will also probably have SOME of the spots filled for the Union tournament on 4/4. If someone is in the top ten in PAvg by the end of Wednesday's practice, they will be playing in one of these three tournaments. There may be a couple spots filled for the Washington JV Tournament outside of the top 10.

Contact information for coaches:

Please note coaches information and save this in your contacts.

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