"Stop Cyberbulling"

Be a Buddy not a Bully!

What is Cyberbulling?

Cyberbulling is when someone is being harrassed or bullied on some type of social network or is posting mean pictures of someone.

Examples of Cyberbullying

Mean emails or texts or fake profiles.

Three differeces between cyberbulling & bulling

Cyberbulling can happen at anytime and bulling is usually just at school. Also when cyberbulling happens its harder to find out whats happing because it can be deleted and bulling u can just see it at at school. Anouther thing is cyberbulling is on social media and bulling is fac to face.

Effects of Cyberbullying.

The affect of cyberbullying is they can either kill their self or hurt their self or someone else.

Prevention and Awarness.

You could watch what your posting and parnets could check on their children. And to be aware you should reconize when you put yourself in a bad sittuation.

Estabishing Rulses