All About Mr. Hitt

EES Grade 5

Who Am I?

Mr. Hitt is my name! Teaching 5th graders is the game!

So.... Why Teach?

I was so very fortunate in school, having great teachers that inspired me to do my best. Although I learned many important things, teachers did more than just help me memorize facts. Teachers are artists, that help us grow socially, academically, and culturally. They help us build upon our individual talents while showing us how to work together for a common cause. Beyond that, we are taught to open our hearts and minds to others, in order to have an expanded view of the changing world we grow up in.

So I have a question for you...... What's better than that!?

New Program at EES!!!

Ben Markel and myself are excited to be starting a new program at EES called the Swift Run Python Group! It brings students together to care for, breed, and build knowledge through ball pythons! Please See Below!!!
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Ball Python Morphs (color/pattern combos)

Check out all the beautiful animals!