Righteous Among The Nation

The Bravest People In History.

What Were They?

Hundreds of thousands of people were to join the Nazi's, but many courageous people risked their lives to save hundreds of Jewish lives. People would help jews by letting them stay until something else came up. Which would evolve into years and years of hiding.

Things They Did to Help

In order to help, many of them became forgers, some were officials that faked documents, and some were clergy who faked baptismal certifications.
One German rescuer, Oskar Shindler, used deceitful pretext to prevent his workers from being deported or locked up by claiming that the Jews were required by the Army for the war effort.

Punishment For Their Actions....

The people who rescued jews had to pay for their actions. Most of them differed in each countries. In Eastern Europe not only would the rescuers would be executed, but the whole entire family. Notices were posted everywhere. In Western Europe it was less severe, although they did do formiddible thing, Some were even taken into camps and were inarcenated.

Who Were They Before?

They were ordinary people, some acted on political or religious convictions, others were not idealist but only cared for the people around them.

They never planned to become rescuers. They were unprepared for the moment they in which they had to make a far reaching decision.

Vad Vashem recognized Righteous from forty-four different countries and nationalities. Christians, Muslims, men and women of all ages.


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Ana Patnaude

English 6th Period