Are You Worried About Depression?

High School Life

Life in high school can sometimes be so hard and complicated. Everybody has good days and bad, but if you have had "the blues" for a week or more it may be more than just "growing pains." Depression is a very serious, sometimes life-threatening condition. It can rob a person of energy and lead to ever worsening feelings. Do not ignore or deny your feelings!

Quick Depression Questionnaire

Answer the questions below about how you or your friend are feeling

If you or your friend have two or more "yes" answers below, talk to a helping adult immediately.(There is a list of JMM helpers below.)

Has your sadness lasted for a week or more?

Have you experienced a recent loss? (break-up with a boy/girlfriend? death of a loved one? recent family change?)

Are you feeling isolated or lonely?

Does it feel like there is no one you can talk to?

Does it feel like no one understands you?

Are you having difficulty with your schoolwork?

Does anything about school, home, friends feel like it "will never get better?"

Have you thought about hurting or killing yourself?

Do you often feel like crying?

Are you sleeping way more or way less than you used to?

Are you eating way more or way less than you used to?

Do you often feel tired?

Are you having trouble getting along with others?

Is it hard to have the energy to do anything?

If you had "yes" answers to two or more questions above, talk to a helping adult immediately. There definitely are ways to make your situation better!!! At Memorial, come in to the Student Services Office and talk to your counselor, or to any of the helpers there that you already may know. Maybe go to a favorite teacher, who will assist you in approaching a helper in the Student Services Office. If you are reading this section because you want to help a friend who might be depressed, bring the friend to one of these helpers. Helpers outside of Memorial would include a parent, an adult at your church or synagogue or mosque, or a relative that you trust. Do not stop until the helper knows how you feel and will help you make a plan.

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