Brooklyn Hay

Type if Business

Twitter is a corporation because there are a bunch of people that work together all across the world that makes the business one whole. Two benefits of this type of business is that there are many people which means more ideas. Also, they sell stocks which is more beneficial to the company because more items are sold at one time.

Original Founders

  • Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams, Biz Stone, and Noah Glass
Twitter was created in March 21, 2006 by these four men; first tweet was posted at 9:50 pm by Jack Dorsey. The service gained popularity rapidly and became the next big thing from there on.


  • The Twitter founders were first going to get into the Apple Itunes business, and realized they weren't interested in the things that they were selling and the ideas they were coming up with
  • The four men called their company Odeo in the very beginning
  • Odeo first began in Jack Dorsey's apartment
  • Most would say that Dorsey was the main creator of Twitter, but Glass is the one who came up with the name

Would I invest in this company...?

Yes, I think I would invest in this company because there are a lot of ideas that run through this business, and everyone gets to chip in their ideas and opinions about how the company is ran. Everyone has their own job but they all still work together as a whole.