Settle Yourself Into Buxton

Forget Your Slave Past and Have Fun!

How To Get Yerself Some Food

Food is pretty easy to get when yer in Buxton.

1. Buy a fly swatter.

2. Catch flies.

3. Head down to the lake.

4. Use the flies as bait.

5. Catch the fish and eat 'em up!

6. Later on go to Mrs. Brown's house for some pie! It's the best pie ya'll will find around here.

Places To Go When Boredom Strikes

Bad Things to Do

1. Try not to pull pranks on anybody here. It's hard for them to take them jokes.

2. If you learn how to catch fish with rocks, don't tell anybody. You've been blessed by God for this power, like me! At least that's what the Preacher says...

3. Don't say something without thinking around here. There are MANY consequences, trust me. You won't believe your ears when I told you what happened one time!

Things That Will Make You Fra-gile If You Fear Them

What Traditions We Have

1. Whenever a slave comes, we celebrate them being free. If you hear the Liberty Bell, that means a slave came, so be sure to gather around the schoolhouse!

2. When someone gets enough money to buy their family out of slavery, we send one TRUSTED person to bring the money and bring the family members back.

3. We ride on horses very often to get around, especially if we in a hurry.

People To Meet

1. Mrs. Brown. She makes great pies, and is really nice! Try not to mention children around her though. You'll figure out why if you do it.

2. Mr. Travis. You mind as well, he'll be your teacher if you a chile. If you're an adult, you'll probably wanna know who'll be with yer child all day.

3. Mr. Highgate. He'll give you the latest information on what's going on with the Preacher.

4. Hope. Come by my house to see the newest free chile, that I saved from slavery.

Dangers to Know

1. Slave snatchers try to come into Buxton.

2. There are hoop snakes, which I caint believe are such a danger.

3. If you eavesdrop on a meeting/lie about going there, you gon' be in a large amount of trouble if you get caught.

4. You gon' get a whooping if you don't be nice!