Snow shoveling!

7$/For a shoveled lawn and backyard! (This is not real)

Our snow shoveling is the cheapest and most reliable snow shoveling service! (Not Real)

Our business rely's on shoveling snow out of peoples lawns and backyards. It's only 7$ for a shoveled lawn and backyard! (Not Real)

Only 7$ for a full cleaning of your snow filled lawn and backyard! (Not Real)

Snowed in? (Not Real)

Are you Snowed in? Do you want to enjoy the outside but can't because your snowed in?
Is your heater broken and are you snowed in? Well you've come to the right place, for only 10$ (No Tax) you will be able to feel the warmth, and play in the snow!
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October Discount! 50% off on all deals. (Not Real)

Saturday, Oct. 1st, 1pm to Sunday, Oct. 30th, 6pm

Your Houses!

For all of October there is a 50% discount on all deals!

Arranging Negotiations. (Not Real)

Please call us at 416-466-6666 if you want to arrange a deal.

Thank you!

We are ShovelSnowing. Inc!

We hope that you will want to use our service.

Remember only 7$ for a shoveled front yard and backyard.

We also help people who are snowed in for 10$.

Call us for details.